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Plot No 16, Phase 1/2, GIDC Naroda, Ahmedabad +91 7861813632
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LEM 1.0

Self Priming Pumps are manufactured as per IS: 8472. These Self priming Domestic Pumps are light in weight with rugged construction design and balance parts which give noiseless operation for a longer duration.

Premium Quality With Genuine Price
HP/kW 2/1.5
Stage 0
Phase Single Phase
suction -
delivery size (mm) 0
discharge N/A
speed rpm 0
  • Longer product life
  • Value for money
  • 100% cost recovery in just 30 months
  • High Discharge & Suction
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Easy to install, easy to start
  • Efficient energy saving

Motor Body Stainless Steel
Stator Vacuum Impregnated and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Thick end laminations are provide to protect motor windings.
Rotor EC Grade Copper Rotor/Aluminum Die Cast Rotor Coated with polyurethane paint for corrosion resistance and dynamically balanced for vibration free smooth operation.
Stamping Electrical Steel High Grade For Better Performance.
Windings PVC/Polyester insulated or Enameled insulated EC Grade copper.
Bearings High-carbon chromium steel Pre-lubricated double-shielded Ball bearing with high load bearing capacity.
Thrust Bearings Resin Carbon ,SS AISI 420 Pad with Base CI FG 260 , Special Self- aligning and water lubricated to with stand high axial thrust load.
Bearing Bush LTB-4 Grade, Nitrile-butadiene rubber, Heavy duty angular contact bearing with load bearing capacity.
Bearing Diaphragm Nitrile-butadiene rubber diaphragm Adequately sized to accommodate expansion of water inside the prevent loss cooling water.
Impeller High quality abrasion resistant Norly,GFN3/SS, dynamically balanced.
Bowl High Grade Norly ,GFN3/Cast Iron CI FG 260/200 Grade
Wear Rings High quality abrasion resistant P.U. / Rubber.
Shaft AISI 420/410 Stainless Steel of adequate diameter to ensure rigidity and ground to close tolerances.
Suction Casing & NRV CI FG 260/200,Provided with perforated Stainless Steel Strainer and adequately size to allow the water to be sucked-in with minimum friction.
Cable Sealing Nitrile-butadiene rubber, Designed so that no Borewell water with sand can enter the motor.
Oil Seal, Mechanical Seal Nitrile-butadiene rubber, Resin Carbon, Ceramic for High Sealing Solution.
Fasteners Stainless Steel Grade.

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