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FinishedGoodsSolar Item Code: FGSolar-0110


Latteys Solar Pumps are manufactured to provide pumping solution from the solar energy. These pumps and impellers are specially designed to get the best hydraulic efficiency. At the same time, the totally enclosed fan-cooled system is suitable for conditions where there is a wide voltage fluctuation

HP/kW 1/0.75
Stage 13
Phase Three Phase
Voltage (V) -
Speed (RPM) 0
Suction (mm) -
Delivery (mm) 32
Head (m) -
Discharge (lpm) -
Head Range (Meter) -
  • Longer product life
  • Value for money
  • 100% cost recovery in just 30 months
  • High Discharge & Suction
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Easy to install, easy to start
  • Efficient energy saving

Motor Body Stainless Steel
Stator Vacuum Impregnated and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Thick end laminations are provide to protect motor windings.
Rotor EC Grade Copper Rotor/Aluminum Die Cast Rotor Coated with polyurethane paint for corrosion resistance and dynamically balanced for vibration free smooth operation.
Stamping Electrical Steel High Grade For Better Performance.
Windings PVC/Polyester insulated or Enameled insulated EC Grade copper.
Bearings High-carbon chromium steel Pre-lubricated double-shielded Ball bearing with high load bearing capacity.
Thrust Bearings Resin Carbon ,SS AISI 420 Pad with Base CI FG 260 , Special Self- aligning and water lubricated to with stand high axial thrust load.
Bearing Bush LTB-4 Grade, Nitrile-butadiene rubber, Heavy duty angular contact bearing with load bearing capacity.
Bearing Diaphragm Nitrile-butadiene rubber diaphragm Adequately sized to accommodate expansion of water inside the prevent loss cooling water.
Impeller High quality abrasion resistant SS-304,420 Impeller/Norly,GFN3
Bowl High Grade Norly ,GFN3/Cast Iron CI FG 260/200 Grade, Stainless Steel SS-304 Sheet Metal
Wear Rings High quality abrasion resistant P.U. / Nitrile-butadiene rubber
Shaft AISI 420/410 Stainless Steel of adequate diameter to ensure rigidity and ground to close tolerances.
Suction Casing & NRV CI FG 260/200,Provided with perforated Stainless Steel Strainer and adequately size to allow the water to be sucked-in with minimum friction. In SS series SS-304 Investment Casting
Cable Sealing Nitrile-butadiene rubber, Designed so that no Borewell water with sand can enter the motor.
Oil Seal, Mechanical Seal Nitrile-butadiene rubber, Resin Carbon, Ceramic for High Sealing Solution.
Fasteners Stainless Steel Grade.