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FinishedGoodsRG Item Code: FGRG-0034


We manufactured Submersible Pumpsets as per IS:8034 Standard which can be used in the field of advanced technology.

All parts are manufactured and fitted precisely using CNC machine that imparts excellent mechanical strength and reliability .The electrical design  of Latteys Motors has been done with enamelled/polyester Coated winding to improve efficiency and reduce electrical consumption.

hp 1
kw 0.75
stages 1
phase SP
wet_type TEFC
weight_per_unit 0
weight_uom Kg
suction 25
delivery_size_mm 25
head_max 30
head_min 6
discharge 21
speed_rpm 1440
mrp 6785
  • Motor fitted with anti-friction pre-lubricated angular contact bearings suitable for axial/radial load and longer life of motor.
  • The motor is filled with food grade insulating oil which lubricates the bearings and improves thermal conductivity to reduce chance of burning
  • 100% cost recovery in just 30 months
  • High Discharge & Suction
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Easy to install, easy to start
  • Efficient energy saving
  • Sprinkler & drip irrigation
  • Civil & Industries
  • Fire fighting system
  • Agriculture
  • Gardening
  • Hospitality

Motor Body Stainless Steel
Stator Vacuum Impregnated and epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. Thick end laminations are provide to protect motor windings.
Rotor Coated with polyure paint for corrosion resistance and dynamically balanced for vibration free smooth operation.
Windings PVC/Polyester insulated or Enameled insulated EC Grade copper.
Bearings Heavy duty angular contact bearing /Ball bearing with high load bearing capacity.
Thrust Bearings Special Self-alignmening and water lubricated to with stand high axial thrust load.
Bearing Diaphragm Adequately sized to accomadate expansion of water inside the motor and prevent loss cooling water.
Impeller High quality abrasion resistant Noryl/SS Impeller & dynamically balanced.
Bowl High Grade Noryl/Cast Iron
Wear Rings High quality resistance P.U. / Rubber.
Shaft Stainless Steel of adequate diameter to ensure rigidity and ground to close tolerances.
Suction Casing & NRV Provided with perforated Stainless Steel Strainer and adequately size to allow the water to be sucked-in with minimum friction.
Cable Sealing Designed so that no Borewell water with sand can enter the motor.