V4 Slim Water Filled 90mm Pumpsets

V4 Slim Water Filled 90mm Pumpsets

A Latteys Brand Bore well submersible pump is vertical multistage centrifugal pump closely coupled to a water filled and cooled vertical ac single/three phase induction motor.A Latteys Brand Bore well submersible pumps are manufactured as per IS: 8034 Standard. As this unit is completely submerged in water, cavitation is totally avoided.The pump sets are compact and slim & can be easily installed in narrow wells.

Feature :

  • Proven & reliable design for critical conditions.
  • Optimum performance and reliability in the toughest conditions.
  • Low friction and high wear resistance.
  • High pumping efficient motor-pump combination for reduced running costs.
  • Lip seal and sand guard to prevent ingress of impurities into the motor.
  • Suitable for 90 mm borewell.
  • Noryl Bowl impeller set with S.S. neck ring

Applications :

  • Irrigation and Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler, Gardening, Nursery and Bungalows
  • High rise buildings & complexes
  • Industrial water supply schemes
  • Swimming pool, hospitals