V4 RHA Series Water Filled Pumpsets

V4 RHA Series Water Filled Pumpsets

A Latteys Brand Bore well submersible pumps are manufactured as per IS: 8034 Standard. A Latteys Brand Bore well submersible pump is vertical multistage centrifugal pump closely coupled to a water filled and cooled vertical ac single/three phase induction motor.As this unit is completely submerged in water, cavitation is totally avoided. High operating efficiencies of Noryl Bowl sets result into high water discharge rate and lower power consumption. The pump sets are compact and slim & can be easily installed in narrow wells.

Feature :

  • Manufactured using a much good understanding and hence ensuring more reliability and performance.
  • Higher range in Pressure Head and Discharge of water flow
  • Use of NRV which reduces the thrust load of back pressure.
  • Suitable to run in any Condition of environment and wide voltage fluctuation also.
  • Improved hydraulic design with higher efficiency and greater performance.
  • All rotating components are dynamically balanced and machined by CNC machines.
  • The materials are genuine and self-aligned carbon thrust bearing is used
  • Betterdesign – Better Efficiency – Low power consumption
  • Light weight – Ease in installation Silent running
  • Reliable in operation

Applications :

  • Irrigation and Drip Irrigation
  • Sprinkler, Gardening, Nursery and Bungalows
  • High rise buildings & complexes
  • Industrial water supply schemes
  • Swimming pool, hospitals
  • Fire Fighting Application
  • Water Treatment Plant